Saturday, June 22, 2013

Paperless World

Update, update, update, update <snarl> Flutter
sigh, program, re-program, click, tap, point, 
program, re-program, your apps, your apps need to be updated,
your software needs an update--speed-up, 
--faster, faster [wait wer're not at warp speed yet]
Update, repair, repair, reboot, __restart the router/
Turn it off. Turn it back on, now. choose a ringtone,  


check your notifications,
check your e-mail.

Apply online,
register online, 


Deborah Leon Godinez Copyright ©2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

April 15 post Pantoum


Afraid not--madam not for me
terribly updated daily inundated 
Refresh Button clicked in attention, see
unbearable views forcibly animated

Deborah Leon Godinez Copyright ©2013

April 14 post

Persona Poem

Situated on the North
side of the city you live in,
but across the army of me
she has a scar on her face ___jagged
wrecking the beauty
but granting the beauty FREEDOM
from surface awkwardness
Bent over the sink
spitting blood into the sink

Sink into an obscene delight
crimson warfare explains her
miserable exposure

Deborah Leon Godinez Copyright ©2013

prompt from April 13th

The Beach

cold  cold  cold  cold  
beautiful view
jagged rocks 
that lead you to the sand 
child wonder
incredible fumble
across the rocks___octopus lining
horribly tangling  
But peaceful ease 
sets in after noticing such an 
overwhelming  power in that ocean
an empowerment, an ocean within us all 
Our Empowerment. 

Deborah Leon Godinez Copyright ©2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

What I would like to say to you

You think my life is hard because of your experience
But my experience is my own 
I don't worry about the same things you worry about

You think you're hot shit because 
you drive a Mercedes Bins 
well you ain't shit

I am tired of you, you, and you in my life.

I am bailing on you!

It will be hard at first, no doubt
but I will be ok.

I will overcome
My freedom means more to me than this corroded circumstance

I will find the resources I need 
I'll be fine
I am not afraid anymore

I know there are ups and downs
so just stay out of my LIFE!!!

Deborah Leon Godinez Copyright ©2013

American Cinquain

In the morning light
rests a remote black kitty
upon a wooden
rocking chair shaking wildly
the chair cracks and breaks earthquake

Deborah Leon Godinez Copyright ©2013

Life's Annoying Little nuisances

Crack in the front view window due to
a tiny little pebble when you drive over gravel

The kid comes home claiming someone is bullying her
I see her walking home she's crying holding on to her shoulder

I lose my temper, yell at the grandparent, the only parent around for this suspected bully
I talk to the suspects parent, and from her point of view, my kid is the suspect
the bully.  Who's telling the truth? 

Annoying little nuisance
Life you're ANNOYING!

Mother__ who's always undermining me,

After I have been paying her bills, the rent and the taxes on the house
After overachieving, graduating from college twice with honors,
keeping a job for two years, keeping a job for a year and a half

Mother is Mexican, but she more like tiger mom

Mother still not happy

I am lazy from her point of view 
I have no ambition from her point of view
My life is in shambles because I am laid off

I was "let go" I have not the money to feed her habits
to her money is equal to integrity

Hopelessly annoying Life__Life's little nuisances

But she'll still take whatever money I have! 
But "give me money" she says give money to gamble, gambling is my job
I am good at gambling.


Because I gave you life she says, "you could have been an abortion." This rings through my ears throughout my childhood and beyond! 

Annoying, abusive mother. SHOOT ME!

Lousy Partner in class assignment, next

Chapter project presentation for training for teachers

He doesn't even read the chapter.
Makes up his own power point.
He wants to change everything at the last minute

After which I read the whole chapter, I worked my ideas through and did the work
After which I e-mailed him and contacted him several times to tell me or give me something
NOOOOOOO, completely inconsiderate. Inconsiderate of what grade either of us get.

And he argues with me about who is going first in front of the whole class.

Meanwhile my child sits in on this class because I don't know which one is the bully?
Who's telling the truth?

                            horrid, horrid, horrid. Painstakingly horrid! 

Life you're so annoying sometimes. 

Deborah Leon Godinez Copyright ©2013